In the demonstrator, the safe cooperation between humans and industrial robots is considered. The developments focus on safe workplace and process design without the use of protective fences and cages.


This solution consists of developing a sensor system that monitors workstations and provides a demonstration of synchronized human-robot collaboration. It creates a safe environment for interaction and cooperation with humans without conventional separating barriers. As a use case, a system for detecting and training pick and place application of objects is developed.


In this demonstration, different technologies are used both for the security of the equipment and people and for the actual pick and place application.

For safety, multiple laser scanners and light curtains are used to detect the presence of people or objects and stop the robot before a collision occurs. Led strips are used to visualize the current situation.

For the application, a 3D camera system is used to detect objects in the workplace. A trained model detects whether the objects are fully assembled, because only then the robot decides whether to pick them up and put them in the container for finished assembly or not.

Areas of Application

Such technologies can be used in part remanufacturing or repair scenarios where one station is for disassembly and the other for assembly, as well as in applications that require picking and placement, such as bin picking.